VK TypeHelp 1.4

VK TypeHelp 1.4: Context-driven adaptive predictive text input aid. suggest reasonable continuations of the user`s text input according to former occurrences of the context. Whenever the user accepts one of the suggestions, the assistant will input it, in place of the user. The user selects, shortens, or accepts a suggestion by simple keystrokes or mouse clicks. In contrast to known auto text or text completion tools, this program does neither need explicit decisions and input of text in advance for future utilization

LiveProject Professional 2.2: Share, collaborate and view Microsoft Project plans. Edit tasks, Gantt chart.
LiveProject Professional 2.2

Suggest changes to existing MS project plans; field changes, new tasks, or suggest to delete tasks. - Make suggestions on almost any field, including custom fields. - Suggestions are pending until manager approves or rejects them - LiveProject will update MS Project plans with approved suggestions at the click of a button - Powerful Filtering features enables users to see what they need. - Configurable alarms provides notifications when the changes

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VIENNA Advantage-ERP CRM  1.0: complete Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management System
VIENNA Advantage-ERP CRM 1.0

CRM or customer relations management which control and manage customer related data. Its advance and high tech technology impact on buying and selling behavior of the customer by suggesting new dealing methods and also suggest new tact to collect data of the customer. CRM has change the way of business entirely. Many business organizations rely on CRM software to control the entire purchasing process, material management and distribution records.

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Rapid SEO Tool 1.5: Get your page higher on search results with an easy to use SEO software.
Rapid SEO Tool 1.5

Unique search engine optimization software designed to ease the task of getting web pages higher on search results. It will literally look at your web page code and suggest what should be improved to get better results. You don`t even have to be an SEO professional. Rapid SEO Tool is the first full-scale side-by-side SEO software that will compare your SEO efforts against your competitors and suggest how to overtake them.

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Meta Keywords Finder 1.2: Find relevant search keywords describing your website
Meta Keywords Finder 1.2

Meta Keywords Finder is a handy tool for every webmaster. Don`t know what keyword phrases will match your main keywords? Just type them in Meta Keywords Finder and get up to a hundred of phrases and sentences that include your keyword. Suggested keywords are also ranked by popularity. Meta Keywords Finder is using Google suggest tool to find keyword queries and statistics.

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TuckAway - Intelligent Inbox Organizer 1.5: Organizes your Outlook Inbox by filing emails using an intelligent mechanism
TuckAway - Intelligent Inbox Organizer 1.5

TuckAway is an Add-in that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Outlook to help you keep an organized Inbox. The TuckAway one-click-file feature is based on an intelligent filing system. This system uses advanced prediction algorithms which adapts to your filing preferences and will suggest the right folder to store the messages. The system is completely automated, no need to create complicated rules.

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DB Integration 1.0

This software is the first version of the software products intended for database handling. This software makes it possible to integrate (or combine) two databases of *.mdb (MS Access) format. An integration, in this case, is combining the objects of two databases (tables, forms,modules, macros,reports,data access pages). If you buy this programm, You may suggest which exclusive features you do want the your version of this software to have.

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